2017 Racing Documents

Autumn 17 revised SI's

Autumn 17 classes and handicaps

May 2017 Revised Attachments

May 2017 revised SI

2017 entry

2017 Bay Min Req

2017 Coastal Req

Details of specific races or changes (e.g.start times etc) will be published nearer the time of the event in the News & Bulletin Section of the Website.

Please note all boats intending to race should inform the Race Officer (RO) of the fact and the total number of persons on board for the race.

It is advised that boats retiring from a race advise the RO by VHF radio and "fly" the appropriate Ensign when returning to the harbour.

2017 Race Programme rev Aug 3 This information is also available in the Events Calendar - Please note the "END TIME" is not the "TIME LIMIT" -- Specific Race Instructions (e.g. Time limits) relevant to each race will be announced on the VHF radio channel 37.

2017 Racing Marks

2017 Tide Tables

2017 Attachments issued in January 2017 now superceded by May revision

2017 Sailing Instruction now superceded by May revision

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